With nyckelharpa, guitar and Irish bouzouki, the duo Akleja musically explores what is dear to them - nature, relationships and touching moments. Akleja plays instrumental folkmusic, from groovy Scottishes, elegant polonaises and polskas, to dreamy waltzes - both self-composed and traditional tunes. They are particularly influenced by the Swedish musical tradition and the German folk and dance music, which is slumbering in old manuscripts in libraries and wants to be revived. Two musicians in dialogue - melodic, danceable and dynamic.

The musical paths of Regina Kunkel (nyckelharpa) and Björn Kaidel (nyckelharpa, guitar and Irish bouzouki) have already led them all over Germany, to Sweden, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. They regularly travel to Sweden, the home country of the Nyckelharpa, to connect with Swedish musicians. For example, they have played concerts together with Josefina Paulson there. Björn and Regina are known for their lively, dynamic sound and fine arrangements. In november 2018 they recorded their long-awaited first album at Kråktjärn studios (Sweden), which will be released in early 2019.

Regina Kunkel Portraitphoto
  • Regina Kunkel
  • Nyckelharpa
Björn Kaidel Portraitphoto
  • Björn Kaidel
  • Nyckelharpa, Guitar, Irish Bouzouki
  • Other projects: Airu