We personally feel that it's a good thing to share, so we really like to share our musical knowledge about our instruments and traditional folk music. Teaching is very dear to our hearts and we have a lot of teaching experience. We offer lessons for all levels from beginners to advanced players on the following topics:

  • Nyckelharpa,
  • Irish Bouzouki,
  • Cittern,
  • Folk-Guitar in DADGAD-Tuning,
  • Folk-Music from Sweden and Germany,
  • Ensemble,
  • Other topics are also possible on request!

We offer one-to-one and group lessons. The lessons can take place at our home or online. We have had very good experiences with online teaching so far and have good cameras and microphones to ensure a high video and audio quality.

Interested? Then just send us a mail and we'll discuss the details!


We also like to teach group lessons and workshops. We've taught workshops for the German Bordun e.V., the Nuremberg Bordundays, Spielkurs Pipenbock and the Dutch Stichting Draailier & Doedelzak, to give a few examples. Björn is also one of the organizers of the Nyckelharpaweekend.

If you'd like to book us for your workshop, then please contact us by mail!

Regular Online-Workshops

Once a month we're offering online-workshops, where we teach a traditional Swedish or German tune. These workshops primarily focus on the nyckelharpa, but other instruments are more than welcome as well!

After each workshop, all participants receive the sheet music and a detailed learning video of the tune, to be able to continue learning after the workshop.

The fee for each workshop is on a "pay what you want" basis between 10€ to 20€, so each participant decides themselves what they'd like to pay. If you'd like to register for these workshops, simply send us a mail.