The duo Akleja explores musically what is close to their hearts - nature, relationships and touching moments. Akleja plays instrumental folk music on nyckelharpa, guitar and cittern. They are particularly influenced by dance music tunes, that lie dormant in old music books and want to be brought back to life, as well as the musical tradition of Sweden, the home country of the nyckelharpa. They go their own way with their music and create a unique sound world full of joy and atmosphere. With their captivating playing and their fine arrangements, they paint musical pictures and effortlessly take their audience away from everyday life.

After many performances in Germany and abroad, Regina Kunkel (nyckelharpa) and Björn Kaidel (nyckelharpa, guitar, cittern) will release their new album "Im Verborgenen" in spring 2024. With this album, they dedicate themselves to the little things whose significance often remains hidden. The album was nominated for the German Record Critic's Award and chosen as one of the CDs of the Month April 2024 of the Belgian magazine "Le Canard Folk".

At the center of their instrumentarium is the Swedish nyckelharpa, on which they can count themselves among the leading musicians in Central Europe. In addition to their concert activities, they are also in demand internationally as teachers and have taught for Halsway Manor (UK), Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak (NL) and Nürnberger Borduntage, among others.

Press for the album "Im Verborgenen":

Nominated for the German Record Critic's Award, Longlist Folk/Singer-Songwriter 2.2024 - Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik (Germany)
"Super belle musique, élégante et intéressante!" - CD of the Month April 2024 - Le Canard Folk (Belgium)
"The music here just puts a smile on your face from beginning to end. [...] what really stands ou to me here on ths album, is the love for the music that I hear coming loud and clear through every track." - Jameson Foster (The Nordic Sound Channel, USA)

Press for the album "Wasser und Erde":

"This is a lovely CD. [...] I find the sound immediately attractive and was easily immersed in the whole thing, listening from beginning to end and being surprised when it stopped." - Jo Freya (fRoots Magazine UK, Blowzabella)
"The music is meant for the dance floor, but played so beautifully that you can dream yourself to next summer while listening." - Luise Rube (Lira Musikmagasin, Sweden, quote translated)
"Regina Kunkel and Björn Kaidel present almost an hour of imaginatively arranged and virtuously played [...] instrumental music for dancing, listening and dreaming away. Highly recommended." - Ulrich Joosten (Folker, Germany, quote translated)

Regina Kunkel Portraitphoto
  • Regina Kunkel
  • Nyckelharpa
  • Other projects: Fior
Björn Kaidel Portraitphoto
  • Björn Kaidel
  • Nyckelharpa, Guitar, Cittern
  • Other projects: Airu, Fior